Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Free DVD!!

When my granddaughters Jennifer and Diane were teens, I heard an interview on Focus on the Family that was so good, I ordered a copy on video tape.  The man being interviewed was HAROLD MORRIS, and his story was called TWICE PARDONED:  AN EX-CON TALKS TO TEENS & PARENTS.  Accused of armed robbery and murder, he found Christ while serving two life sentences and began presenting his unforgettable testimony to local high schools throughout the state. 

The girls loved the video and almost wore it out.  After I started a Sunday evening ministry at the nearby juvenile detention center, I used it again and again.  His no-nonsense advice reached these messed-up teenagers where they lived, and I planned to show the video often.

Then technology caught up with me, and I no longer had access to a video cassette player.  "Oh, well, I'll buy a DVD."  I shopped on line and found a site that offers his movies and books for one cent each!
All they ask is the price of shipping and handling!

It's too good not to share with those of you who have teens or work with them.  The company is Nantucket Publishing.  Check them out at

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